Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sometimes they ponder the Universe

Sometimes they travel astrally

Nebula 2

Nebula 1

Sometimes they wish on a dandelion seed blown in the wind

Sometimes it's best not to argue with her

Sometimes they love silently

Sometimes they feel imperfection when they are amazing

Sometimes she'd rather jump off of a cliff than tell him how she feels

Sometimes she gets nagged all day because she wears him like jewelry

Sometimes she kisses him on the forehead as he tells a story.

Sometimes they don't know they are being watched

Sometimes kids become brats all on their own

Sometimes their differences bring them together

Sometimes they only thing that will stop baby's tears is Dad's creativity

Sometimes they stalk their prey from up close

Sometimes they have small heads and eat through their hands.

Sometimes they forget to buy milk on the way home

Sometimes they cry alone.

Sometimes they make love while worlds watch

Sometimes they are self-satisfied

Sometimes they think of one another and smile

Sometimes he laughs while contemplating his evil plan.

Sometimes he gives her his thoughts in hopes that she will cherish them

When 2 are in love, sometimes a third is jealous

Sometimes they comfort one another

Sometimes they listen and heal wounds